The Family History of Stephen Borden


Notable Bordens

There were many notable Bordens who can trace their roots to Portsmouth and Fall River. Richard, (generation 1) had many children. One, Matthew, was the first Englishman born in Rhode Island. Another, Benjamin, was sent to tend Richard's lands in New Jersey and began the NJ family line (Bordentown).  Richard of a later generation, Col Richard Borden and his immediate family, ruled most of what went on in Fall River through the 1800's. Nathaniel B. Borden was mayor, state senator and US Congressman. Gail Borden (in Texas via New Jersey) invented the condensed milk process that led to the Borden Milk Company. An heir to the Borden Milk Co, William W. Borden graduated from Yale in 1909 and then planned to dedicate his life to missionary work. On his way to China, he died in Egypt at the age of 25. Dr. William Cline Borden was an Army physician who was responsible for the creation of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the system of clinical care, research and education modeled there.  Robert Laird Borden, whose line also traces back to Portsmouth, was Prime Minister of Canada and is pictured on the Canadian $100 bill.  Lizzie Borden the alleged axe murderess of her parents, continues to generate cult-like popularity. Amanda Borden was a member of the gold medal winning 1996 Olympic womens gymnastics team. Not widely recognized as Borden relatives are these other Borden family notables including Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, Willie Nelson and Sir Winston Churchill.