The Family History of Stephen Borden

Brayton Family - Soldiers of the Revolution, farmers, Quakers

Stephen Borden, my great great grandfather, was born March 26, 1826 in Fall River and died there on July 20, 1897. He married Sarah Potter Brayton, March 30, 1846.

Sarah was born May 15, 1828 and died March 12, 1908 in Fall River. She was the daughter of Francis and Agnes (Lake) Brayton. Her siblings included; Elizabeth, Israel, Ruth, Rachel, Letitia, Mercy, Stephen, George and William.

Stephen and Sarah's children included my great grandfather Stephen Andrew Borden.

Francis Brayton - Sarah's fatherRuth Lake, wife of Pardon and
 Sarah's grandmother (mother of Agnes)
Sarah Potter Brayton BordenStephen Borden

Stephen and Sarah (left) are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River next to their daughter Ida May Sisson

The ancestors and descendents of Sarah are outlined in the chart below - you may click to enlarge it.

David Brayton (my 5th ggf), Borden Brayton (my 4th ggf), and Pardon Lake (4th ggf), were soldiers of the Revolutionary War. They lived in Tiverton and Fall River. Francis (my 3rd ggf), and Pardon Lake are buried in the North Cemetery in Fall River after being moved there. David and Borden Brayton are buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Tiverton, again after being removed from the family farm on Brayton Rd in Tiverton. The farm is still occupied today (2011) by the widow of a Brayton.

Brayton Plot - Mt Pleaseant, Tiverton
Plaque  lists family genealogy

Pardon Lake's grave, N. Cem. Fall River.
Note inscripotion "Soldier of the Revoluiton"
Agnes and Francis Brayton,
 N. Cem, Fall River

Another branch of the Brayton family had their homestead in Somerset, Ma. They are buried in the small Brayton cemetery there.