The Family History of Stephen Borden

Stephen Andrew Borden and Frances (Wheeler) Borden

Stephen A Borden teenage
Stephen A Borden

Stephen A Borden young man
Stephen A Borden

Stephen A Borden Older
Stephen A Borden

Frances Wheeler young woman
Frances Wheeler

My great grandfather, Stephen Andrew Borden was born Oct 14, 1849 in Fall River, MA and died April 23, 1901 in Fall River. He lived for about 10 years in South Boston.  He was the son of Stephen and Sarah Potter (Brayton) Borden. His siblings included, Sylvia (Whitehead), Louisa (Springer), Ida May (Sisson), Sara (Waterman) and Charles Edgar Borden.

Stephen married Frances Eleanor Wheeler Oct 25, 1875 in S. Boston.

Frances was born July 25, 1857 in S. Boston and died November 20, 1938 in Fall River. She was the only child of Elhanan Constantine Wheeler and Fannie Conlon. Elhanan had several other children with his first wife, Ellen Knowlton who died.

The children of Stephen and Frances include;

  • Marion (Shumway)
  • Herbert Andrew Borden (m. Clara Booth)
  • Francis Stephen (m. Mabel Gifford)
  • Florence (died young)
  • Gertrude (died young)
  • Arthur (died young)

Frances' Wheeler ancestry  tracks back several generations in Grafton, MA and then to George Wheeler who settled in Concord in 1640. George was the original owner of what is now known as Walden Pond.

Stephen and Frances are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River.

Stephen was a  carriage painter, a trade, no doubt learned in his father's carriage shop in Fall River. His brother Charles also worked in their father's carriage shop in Fall River as a blacksmith. Stephen A Borden left Fall River for Boston where he worked for the railway between 1872 and 1882 approximately.  While in Boston Stephen met and married Frances Wheeler and two of their children, Marion and Herbert were born there. Elhanan lived with them at one point.  Elhanan also worked on the railway in S. Boston as a freight train conductor. He died after an accident in 1882 when he slipped under the wheels of a train and lost both legs. He died at the Mass General Hospital.

After Elhanan's death Stephen and Frances moved back to Fall River and Stephen worked for the  street car system, again as a painter. He lived at 132 Warren St in Fall River, and he died of Bright's disease (an old term for nephritis).