The Family History of Stephen Borden

Stephen Borden b 1795 and Prudence Brightman

Pardon Brightman

Stephen Borden was born on 07 Jan 1795 in Westport, Ma. He died Bef. 1860 in Fall  River, Ma. He was the son of Isaiah Borden and Mercy Winslow Read.
Prudence Brightman is the daughter of Pardon Brightman and Ruth Harrison. She was born on  12 Nov 1798 in Fall River, Ma. She died in Fall River, Ma.
Stephen Borden and Prudence Brightman were married on 12 Dec 1816 in Fall River, Ma. They had 5 children.
 -Stephen Borden. 
 -Sylvia Borden
 -Isaiah Borden
 -Ruth Borden
 -John L Borden.

I do not yet know where Stephen or Prudence are buried, though I believe they are in the old North Cemetery in Fall River. They died at a time before records were kept for that cemetery.

While I have no pictures of Stephen or Prudence, these pictures of Prudence's parents come to me compliments of Susan Pineau of Westport.

Stephen's father Isaiah is one of my genealogy stone walls. I know not where he died or where he is buried.


Pardon Brightman, father of Prudence
Ruth Harrison Brightman
Ruth (Harrison) Brightman, mother of Prudence