The Family History of Stephen Borden


Descendents of Harry Booth
See Herbert and Clara Booth Borden's page

Thomas Booth and Mary Chadwick married in England in 1873. Their children included;
-Clara, (my grandmother)

Herbert Borden married Clara Booth August 30, 1920 at St Mark's Church in Fall River.

Clara Booth was born April 10, 1891 on Bolton St. in Ramsbottom, England and died August 19, 1978 in Swansea, MA. She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary (Chadwick) Booth. Other children of Thomas and Mary included James, Sara Jane (Marsden), and Henrietta (Hart). Thomas and Mary came to Fall River from England. Thomas was a skilled textile worker and many English textile workers were recruited to run the Fall River mills. They lived most of their life in Fall River in the house they built at 15 Marsh St, Fall River, MA

Herbert and Clara had two Children, Andrew Thomas Borden and James Francis Borden (my father). Clara's brother James died young and Clara raised his son Kenneth Booth.

Herbert and Clara are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River in the Booth plot. Herbert's grave is unmarked.