The Family History of Stephen Borden

Joseph and Theresa (Marques) Fox

Joe and Jim
Joe and Jim Fox

Joseph Patrick Fox was born January 6, 1918 in Fall River, MA and died July 11, 1993 in Providence, RI. He was the son of James and Annie (Delaney) Fox. He retired from the US Army as a LTC and was a veteran of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. He served as Provost Marshal for New England at one time. Joe had a brother James and sister Mary.

He married  Thereas B Marques December 21, 1948 in New Jersey.

Theresa Marques was  born September 15, 1930 in Fall River, MA and died October 25, 1994 in Attleboro, MA. She was the daughter of Joseph and Maria (DaPonte) Marques. Theresa had a two sisters, Isabelle and Madeleine and a brother Joseph.

Joe and Theresa had six children
 - Jeffrey
 - Patricia (Borden)
 - Nancy (Gundersen)
 - Terrence
 - Robert

Lt Joe Fox
Joe Fox
Joe and Theresa Fox Wedding
Wedding of Joe and Theresa. Isabel on the left

Joe, Theresa with Jeff, Tim

Jim Fox - Joe's Father

Annie (Delaney) Fox -
Joe's Mother

Patrick Delaney -
Joe's Grandfather

Annie Finlay -
Joe's grandmother
Bill and Ester Mahoney
with Tim, Jeff