The Family History of Stephen Borden

James Francis and
Elizabeth (Askew) Borden

Clara, Jim
Clara with Jim 1927

50th Wedding Aniv.
James Francis Borden, my father, was born June 24, 1926 in Fall River, MA. and died April 26, 2006 in Boston. He was the son of Herbert and Clara (Booth) Borden. His brother was Andrew T. Borden.

James married Elizabeth Askew April 20,1948 in Willimantic, CT.

Elizabeth was born (private - still living) in Fall River, MA. She was the daughter of Frederick and Nancy (Chace) Askew. Her siblings included Robert, Nancy (Bradbury), Katherine (Whiston), Gifford, Susan (Cantara).

The children of James and Elizabeth include;

  • Stephen
  • Carol (Chace)
  • Peter
  • Patricia (Silvia)

Jim and Betty graduated from Durfee High School. Jim left school early to join the Navy during WWII.

During WWII Jim served on the USS Missouri. The deck of the Missouri was the site of the Japanese surrender in August 1945.

Betty was a cadet nurse at Union Hospital School of Nursing. The war ended before her graduation and so she was exempted from serving in the military. She completed the program and went on to serve Union Hospital as an OB/GYN labor and delivery nurse. Later she was an instructor in the FR Diploma School of Nursing and then Director of Fall River Family Planning before retiring in 1986.

After the war Jim attended business school and  began work at the Union Savings Bank in 1950. Except for a two year stint in California, he worked his entire life at the Union ( which later became Citizens-Union Savings Bank). He rose through the ranks to become Executive Vice President, before retiring in 1986.

When first married, Jim and Betty lived on Monarch St. in Fall River. Later Jim and Betty and his mother Clara, purchased the farm in Westport that had belonged to Clara's sister Sarah and her Husband John Marsden. In 1957 they sold the farm and headed off to California. Jim's' brother Andy and his family had moved there earlier that year. After two years in California Jim and Betty returned to MA, the Union Savings Bank and the Union Hospital and purchased a new home in Somerset. Throughout the 1960s, 70's  and 80's they lived on Lepes Road in Somerset.

After retiring at the age of 60, they began spending winters in Deerfield Beach Florida to pursue their passion - GOLF! After beginning to winter in Florida they built an in-law apartment in Berkley at Tricia's house for summer visits.

Jim and Betty were passionate about golf and both had talent. Both preferred to play at Touisset Country Club in Swansea where they had many friends. Jim won the club championship a couple times and Bet won the women's division. Both took their turns serving as president of the associations. They loved Touisset and in return the owners there treated Jim and Bet with respect and great courtesy in their later years.

 Monarch St
Monarch St, Fall River
 Lepes Rd
Lepes Rd, Somerset
Cookout, Peter's 2000
The farm - Westport, 1957
Andy, Nana, Jim, Betty, with kids, Andrew Barbara, Peter, Joyce, Carol, Stephen (with the hat and the "attitude")
Jim's Lic
Jim's driver's license
Jim , navy
Jim in Navy 1945
Jim, High School
High School
Marsh St
Booth house, 15 Marsh St, Fall River, MA
Union Savings (rt)
JB on the Rocks
Touisset CC - 4th hole
Jim and Bet
Jim, Obit
Cememtery monument
Slade Cemetery, Somerset, MA
Veterans marker