The Family History of Stephen Borden

Borden Families Today

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Herbert and Clara (Booth) Borden's Descendents

  • James Francis* and Elizabeth (Askew) Borden
    • Stephen and Patricia A (Fox) Borden
      • Matthew Stephen and Jennefer (Pezzullo) Borden
        • Grace Michelle Borden
        • Elena Jean Borden
      • Nathan Joseph and Erika Johnson
        • Maddox J
        • Everett J
        • Landry F
    • William and Carol E (Borden) Chace
      • Eric and Sarah
        • Seairra
        • Larsen
        • Marion Mae
        • Faith Elizabeth
      • Joshua and Cathy
    • Peter and Tricia (Borden) Sylvia
      • James
      • Megan
    • Peter Borden and Cynthia (Lombardi) Borden
      • Andrea
  • Andrew T. Borden* and Mary* (Baker) Borden
    the "California Bordens"
    • Barbara (Borden) and Anthony Catalano, 2nd Glenn Lubben
      • Frank Anthony and Jenifer (Kracik) Catalano
        • Hailey Nicole Catalano
        • Allison Lauri Catalano
      • Mary Jo (Catalano) and Mike Walker
        • Micaela Ellen Walker
        • Alyssa Suzanne Walker
    • Joyce (Borden) and Rick Jay
    • Andrew Thomas and Karen (Kubichka) Borden
      • Thomas Borden
      • Andrew John and Tera (Terello) Borden
        • Andrew Joseph
    • Richard James and Shirley Ann (Jones) Borden




* Now deceased